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Taiwan Nantou District Court


Rapid and Courteous Services


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One-Step-Service Office

One-Step-Service OfficeTo offer people rapid and convenient modern services, this court manages to put those units with which people have frequent contact such as Deposit Office, Cashier Office, Banking Office, Payment Office and Receive-and-Send Office under one collective operation system, with the services rendered in face-to-face one at the counter. Our ardent and cordial services would make people enjoy rapid and convenient ones by no need of shuttling back and forth between units. 

Proclamation Zone of Auction Information

Proclamation Zone of Auction InformationTo enhance people’s further understanding over the condition of auction by Civil Execution Department, this court puts information about auction of movable property and real estates in the Bulletin Board erected on the aisle outside the Civil Execution Department in the second floor. 



Culture and Art Gallery

Culture and Art GalleryThe aisle outside the One-Step-Service Office is led directly to the Court Zone. To relax emotion of the party concerned for the court session as well as enhance the artistic breath, there exhibits works of calligraphy, painting and photography by local artists on the wall of the aisle irregularly, at the hope of pacifying the violent customs and cultivating disposition to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere.   


United Service Center

United Service CenterTo offer people the rapid services, this court working with Public Prosecutors Office institutes the United Service Center in the first floor with its services covering consultation for proceedings of lawsuit, juvenile issues, forcible execution and other non-lawsuit issues as well as for procedures of check-in, pleadings presentation, each petition, and guarantee signing and nonmonetary form of bail on court date. For those who can not write pleadings personally, we offer scrivener service. There are free written must-know, propaganda manual, and written examples of deeds available for people’s reference as well.   


Computer Voice Inquiry System

Computer Voice Inquiry SystemThere erects one touch-type computer voice inquiry system in the court that helps people inquire conditions concerning the judicial verdict and procedures of case as well as related information about auction of real estates.







Garden Zone of Pending Trial

Garden Zone of Pending TrialTo offer rest service for the party concerned of court session, we have established one Garden Zone of Pending Trial and Covered Corridor of Rest Zone. There erects the display for sequence of court session as well, offering people further understanding of order of court session. Potted plants are placed in surroundings, at the hope of pacifying tense and worry of the party concerned. 


Court Wedding Hall

Court Wedding HallTo rectify manners and customs and lead them to simple common practices, there establishes Court Wedding Hall in Notary Department in which a joyful, dignified and graceful atmosphere is filled with colored hangings decorated inside the hall.   







Parking Lot

Parking LotParking lots are located in front, left and right sides of this court respectively with trees planted luxuriantly in surroundings, offering sufficient parking space for people and court personnel.   




Nantou Bar Association

Nantou Bar AssociationLocated in the second floor of this court, Lawyer's Rest Room is decorated with sofas, books and magazines that provide lawyers with an ideal place for a break when they wait for the court session. There installs the electronic calling number display in the room as well, fully helping lawyers have a good command of court session schedule.   




First Court

The First Court located in the second floor of this court is the largest one that can be available for both civil and criminal trials. It can be available as one actual-condition site for legal education when students pay a visit.  


  • Release Date:2021-04-26
  • Update:2021-05-24